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Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

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Jill Engineering Rubber Co., Ltd. Qingdao set fender design, manufacture and use of experience, innovation and introduction of new products - QING JI brands Fender, with low reaction force, energy absorption, durability and good. "To meet the user's requirements is our pursuit of" Jill employees conviction. The company has achieved ISO9001 quality management system certification, QING JI product by four process quality control, set up a number of quality control points to ensure product quality.
We promise:
1、Fender product performance, fully compliant with the People's Republic of Chemical Industry Standard HG/T2866-2003 technical requirements.
2、Products meet the transportation, storage and use conditions, from the date of production, the storage period not exceeding one year product quality should meet the standard requirements.
3、Product lifetime: In line with the transport, storage and use conditions, fender body product life of ten years or more.

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