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Qingdao Jier Engineering Rubber Co., Ltd. , in advantageous traffic situation and with its privileged location, is located in the beautiful coast of the Yellow Sea ,close to the Jinan-Qingdao Expressway in the north ,border on Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway and Jiaozhou Bay Expressway in the south , and 30 kilometers apart from Qingdao International Airport, 40km apart from Qingdao Port. 
With high-tech developing, manufacturing, processing and trading together, Qingdao Jier Engineering Rubber Co., Ltd. is a large engineering rubber company specialized in series of rubber fender for docks, series of engineering waterstop and drainage, series of highway bridge accessories , series of rubber pipe and elastomeric pad bearing for making bridge of high-speed railway. With an annual output as many as ten thousand tons, Qingdao Jier Engineering Rubber Co., Ltd. becomes the Bibcock in the field. There is a capable contingent of staffs, who distribute in Management, Technology, Manufacturing, Test, Sale and Services. Advantageous equipments for manufacturing and test combined with reasonable technology of producing become the powerful backing of guarantee of product quality. Our products like waterstop, rubber stick, rubber fender, rubber bearing for making bridge of high-speed railway and expansion, are widely used in Guangxi Yulin Sewage Treatment Plant, Hubei Huangshi Sewage Treatment Plant, NGZQ-3 Project Department of South-Canton Railway of China Railway NO.25 Engineering Bureau, NO.6 Branch Company of China Railway NO.4 Engineering Bureau, Hefei-Wuhan Railway Tunnel, Xi’an Line One Subway, Taiyuan-Zhongwei-Yinchuan Railway Tunnel, Guangzhou-Heyuan Expressway, Guanggan Expressway, Shiwu Expressway, Guangzhou New Railway Station, Hangzhou Shengde freeway, Qunli Power Plant in Heilongjiang, Fuzhou Huadian Kemen Dock built by NO.1 Port Construction Corporation, Jimo Dock built by Shandong General Dock-Building Corporation, Land and Sea Tongzhu Dock built by Shandong General Dock-Building Corporation, New Port in Tanggu of Tianjin, Lixing Chemical Liquids Dock built by NO.1 Port Construction Corporation of China Transport, Panjin Outfitting Dock built by Tianjin Navigation Bureau Corporation of China Transport, Beam Making Plant in Handan, have yielded remarkable social and economic benefits. 
We JIER people have accumulated decades of experience. With keen insight, we are Self-discipline, make vigorous efforts and overcome one's shortcomings by learning from others' strong points. Strictly adhere to ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 and CCS, carry forward the company spirit--“Combining Together for Accumulating Strength, Making Unremitting Efforts for Mutual Brilliance”, to create competitive products in Chinese engineering rubber field. We adhere to the idea of development, which attach great importance to technology, strengthen management, create famous-brand, and increase the profit. Using modern management system as a guide, pursuing innovation perpetually, we are concerned about our clients. With the management conception of staff-oriented, environmental protection and energy conservation, safety and leaning, subdue for brand, harmony and common prosperity, we spurt to scalization and specialization. 
Looking forward to personalities of various circles to visit our company and cooperate with us.